Slokoto is the ultimate sales platform for smb teams looking to squeeze more sales from their leads. Slokoto is simple and intuitive and feature packed with all the required tools for opportunity management and business growth.

Slokoto tracks every interaction with each prospect coming from campaigns and site navigation, email opens and link clicks, giving your sales team critical insight for accurate and immediate engagement.

Slokoto consolidates all lead sources and lets the user work in one central interactions page, making communicating with leads easy and effortless.

Slokoto is designed with automation in mind. Enabling users to automate routines that are currently manual, save a significant amount of time, improve response time and shorten the sales cycle.

Slokoto automatically scores all leads based on multiple variables and provides notifications for leads that are most likely to qualify. Scoring is calculated based on user performance and business preferences, as well as prospect behavior and pattern recognition

To create a free account, head over to and enter your email address, click Create Free Account. Don't have an account yet? Get started now by creating your free account. You'll be direct to set your lead sources. Add an email account that will serve your team as the sales inbox for interacting with leads. You can also add a Call Tracking Metrics (?) account to include your phone calls information and a Zendesk Chat account (?), to include your chat data. After setting your lead sources, click Next to complete your registration and start working.

Sign in to your account by navigating to and click Sign In. Enter your email address which you have used to register your account. Next, enter your password or follow the Google authentication instruction. You will now be redirected to your team workspace.

If you don’t remember your password to your Slokoto account, click Forgot Password, enter your email address you used to register and click Send Link. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your account password (if you used a gmail account, you will be redirected to Google authentication page).

Once you are signed in to Slokoto, you can invite your team members by clicking the Invite Team Members. Enter of use paste to include all email address of your team members and click Send. Invites will be sent to the email address you provided and your team members will be able to complete the registration by clicking the invitation link.


Welcome to your workspace, this page is designed to enhance your sales skills by using a simple and intuitive approach for opportunity management.

Leads List

Slokoto automatically consolidate the leads from your sources into one list so you can save time on collecting them from various platforms. The list includes every lead that enters the database form the connected source (available sources). Lead are automatically sorted by date so you get the newest interactions from leads on top.

Leads Assignee

To assign a lead to you or you team member, select a lead on the list and click the Assign drop down on the top bar and select a member of your team. This lead is now assigned to the selected team member.

Lead Status

To move lead in pipeline, you can change the status of a specific lead. To do so, click a specific lead on the list and then click the Status drop down, select the appropriate status. This lead status has now changed to your selection.

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